Be Great: Graduate Program

Be Great Graduate is a mentoring program designed to help 6th-12th grade students who are struggling at succeeding in school develop the academic, behavioral and social skills needed to be successful. The program pairs Club Members with our Graduation Specialist (trusting, caring adult) who develops a one-on-one relationship with that youth. They employ a strength-based approach, teach problem-solving skills, and promote school-parent relationships.


The Graduation Specialist will assist the youth in attending their classes on time and ensuring they are at school as often as possible.


The Graduation Specialist will assist the youth in understanding their behavior and how it can impact their life and their education.

Academic Progress

The Graduation Specialist will assist the youth in improving their grades by offering help with their classwork, teaching them study skills, organization skills and so much more!

Hello! I’m Alli

Graduation Specialist

I started at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Northwoods in June of 2020. I am a recent graduate of St. Norbert College and my degree is in Sociology; many of my classes focused on societal effects on our youth today. I am very excited to work with the teens of the Northwoods, not only because I am from the area, but because I am looking forward to helping them grow into successful citizens.

What does my typical day look like?

Although I am an employee of the Boys & Girls Club, I spend most of my time at the Antigo Middle School and High School during the school year in order to better serve my youth mentees.

At both locations I utilize an office in the Guidance Center and mentor 15-20 students; I do this by helping them with homework, attending classes with them, help them keep their locker organized, get involved in after-school activities and so much more!

Skills my students learn

Self-esteem building

Study skills



Time management