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Antigo School Year Programs

Serving youth in 1st-12th grade.

(must be at least 7 years-old to attend)

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Club Programming

Our formula says that if we take the youth in our community and provide them with the best possible Outcome-Driven Club Experience, they will achieve positive outcomes in the priority areas of Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles. There are five key elements we implement to make a beneficial difference in young people’s lives:

Create a safe, positive environment

Generate fun and foster a sense of belonging

Encourage supportive relationships with peers and adults

Provide opportunities and set expectations

Offer recognition

Academic Success

After School Program

The After School Program located at the Club, is a combined program between the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Northwoods and the Antigo School District. Together we offer homework help to Club youth so they can get education assistance directly from their teachers!

Students can walk over from the Middle School or catch a ride to the Club from other schools and get help with homework.  You’ll also get snack and the option to have a healthy dinner!  After your homework is finished, kids can join in on other Club programming. In addition, any child who attends the After School Program will get a free school year membership and the option to be bussed home at 5:30pm.

Career Launch

Career Launch encourages Club members ages 13 to 18 to assess their skills and interests, explore careers, make sound educational decisions and prepare to join our nation’s work force. We help teens build their job-search skills and job readiness by working with teens individually and in small groups, as well as providing opportunities for students to learn about various career paths.

STEAM Programming

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Using a cross-disciplinary approach that channels young people’s natural curiosity into the design process inherent in the arts, STEAM programs empower youth to create new solutions to real-world challenges. This project-based approach develops critical thinking, problem-solving and other 21st-century skills critical to success in the STEM workforce and beyond. 

Healthy Lifestyles

Global Kitchen

Our Global Kitchen initiative focuses on helping our youth understand different cultures and the types of food they eat. Each week we prepare a new meal from a different country and learn more about their cuisine.

Healthy Kitchen
This program teaches our youth how to make healthy snacks and meals. From learning what a healthy breakfast consists of, to finding out what a carbohydrate is, the club members who participate in this program will be able to make healthy food choices.


SMART Moves is a health promotion program suite made up of the following three programs:
SMART Kids for children ages 7-9
Start SMART for youth ages 10-12
Stay SMART for teens ages 13-15
SMART Moves is written to build knowledge, attitudes and skills that increase healthy decision-making. Components of the program discuss several risk behaviors common among different age groups. Proper hygiene and bullying are common kid topics while tobacco, alcohol and other substances, as well as sexual health are common teen topics.

Money Matters

In Money Matters, teens develop financial literacy skills that can lead them to workplace readiness, lifelong financial stability and overall success. They learn about budgeting, saving, investing, planning for secondary education and much more.


We have a gymnasium inside of our facility that enables us to play sports and other games with our club members. We keep our youth moving through programs such as basketball, four square, kickball, soccer and more.

Good Character & Citizenship

Junior Staff

Junior Staff is a small-group program that is both practical and user-friendly. It assists Club members ages 13 to 18 in exploring a career in youth or human services, particularly Boys & Girls Club work. They help our youth development professionals provide programming for our youth and help our organization continue to run smoothly throughout the school year.

Torch Club

Torch Clubs are chartered, small-group leadership and service clubs for boys and girls ages 11 to 13. A Torch Club is a powerful vehicle through which Club staff can help meet the special character development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their life. Torch Club members learn to elect officers and work together to implement activities in four areas: service to Club and community; education; health and fitness; and social recreation.

Youth of the Year

Established in 1947, Youth of the Year is BGCA’s premier recognition program for Club members, promoting service to Club, community and family; academic success; strong moral character; life goals; and poise and public speaking ability. The program is most effective when used as a year-round tool for fostering young people’s character, personal growth and leadership qualities.

Local Clubs recognize members ages 14 to 18 as Youth of the Month winners and select a Youth of the Year, who then participates in state competitions. State winners each receive a $1,000 scholarship and participate in regional competitions. Five regional winners each receive a $10,000 scholarship and compete on the national level. The National Youth of the Year receives up to an additional $50,000 scholarship and is installed by the President of the United States.

The Arts

If you set foot in our building, you’ll notice that the Club is decorated throughout the building with artwork from our club members. Year-round we run programs that encourage artistic expression among Club members ages 7 to 18 through:





Creative Writing

Computer Literacy

And much more!

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